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Who are we?

Here at Islay Stamps what we do is all in the name - we create beautiful stamps relating to the landscape, history, culture and wildlife of the Isle of Islay.


These stamps are not valid for postage - but they can be used as local labels, placed on mail in addition to UK stamps to express local identity and are popular with collectors and tourists. We produce these stamps because we love Islay and the people who live there, and want to capture something of island life in a way we hope others will value.


We are stamp collectors as well as having lived for many years on Islay - which we still visit regularly and consider "home" - so we want our stamps to reflect the heritage of this wonderful island as well as to be able to provide philatelists with unusual but high quality issues at an affordable price.


All the photography featured on our stamps has been taken by ourselves.


Whether you're a collector looking for something different, a tourist, a lover of Scottish islands or even a local resident, we hope you find what you're looking for here.

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